ABOUT Helloooo~ my names Romeo, Hypmic sourcemates can call me Hifumi. Im a F + M bigender unlabeled syshost and introject! I use he/him and cae/caer pronouns. Im bodily a young adult + Japanese. I like many things!! Including Hypmic, history, romance shows/novels, Life is Strange, A3, and more!RULES Please use any terms for me as long as theyre all appropriate! I dont have an exact preference. Do not vent to me without asking beforehand!! Im keeping my disorders + exact body age a secret bc I value my privacy.

Romeo introjectism: Hifumi Izanami, Olivia (fe:a), Fischl (gi), Shingen Takeda (ikemen sengoku) and Chisei Kuzuryu. Doubles and whatever of any kind are welcome to interact, I love twins! Preferably dont separate me from these sources lolback & click here for a surprise! not a grabify link I promise /g

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